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I’m Kevin Baumgart, a sales and management expert. With 20+ years of sales and management experience at both startup and entrepreneurial companies, I’m deeply dedicated to the cultures and communities that foster strong, successful, and sustainable sales strategies. My successes were hard-won and the results of many hours of devotion, trial & error, and always believing in the power of a strong, repeatable process.

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Successful, sustainable sales processes don’t happen by luck or accident; they are the result of measured, structured plans; long-term and maintained training; and implementing a repeatable process for your entire team.

    All processes can be designed, which make them repeatable and, likewise, marketable. I’ve gone through countless interactions and scenarios to develop sales processes that are customized to their business and the output they are trying to achieve. To train team members, strategize on deals, and improve win rates, a structured and repeatable sales process must be in place.

    A truly superb script is one that feels natural, not overly rehearsed, but undoubtedly assured. Sales and management experts know that one of the worst things to be confronted with is an unexpected situation or question. In turn, I’ve designed sales scripts for each stage of the sales process—so there are no surprises, and you increase the overall performance of your team. Businesses and individuals alike utilize my scripts for improved outcomes in each sales conversation.

    Hiring is hard—especially hiring salespeople. A well-devised and repeatable hiring process will help you hone in on what’s most important to you and build the team you deserve. My template for sales hiring includes everything you need to execute a hiring process that results in successful sales hires.

    Defining your targets is an integral step to creating a realistic and achievable plan. Networking, lead generation, and effective outreach strategies are paramount when executing outbound sales approaches. Build your lists with valuable contacts and define your goals with this solution.

    Just as every pitch and every conversation can be planned, each account should have an overall vision, trajectory, and goal. My strategic plans help you approach accounts in the right way for the best results. Account planning improves win rates with your largest customers and prospects.

    Even executives need guidance sometimes. A strong business is headed by strong leaders; strength in leadership is often defined by sales goals, both met and exceeded, and the predictable revenue streams that come as the result of strategic planning and organizational strategies.

    Beyond strong leadership, the heart and soul of a winning team lies in the attitudes and actions of individual salespeople. Your team members have to understand their own goals—and know they have your support in reaching them.

    A strong, defined compensation plan inspires salespeople, manages expectations, and articulates exactly what your salespeople need to accomplish to be successful. Creating benchmarks for success drives motivation, increases revenue, and improves team culture and performance.

    Customer relationship management is the oil that keeps the sales engine running smoothly. Each industry and company has its own unique requirements and needs—and the CRM offerings can seem endless. Utilize my skills and expertise to select the perfect CRM for your business.